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"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up"

- Pablo Picasso

Creative projects designed and delivered to all age groups. Get in touch and get connected with your creative side!

Our Creative Projects

Creative Hub 

Introducing different art forms to children

A visual arts community project

Get creative again


Children are introduced to different art forms and in this process of learning, they work towards achieving their  Arts AwardThey take part in art activities and record what inspires them, experience the work of arts and organisations and artists, and present their exploration to others. If you are interested in Creative Hub sessions for your child, please get in touch with us. 

Wall - Bricks on the wall 


Thinking about walls, we start to see how they affect our lives and our identity. The Bricks on the Wall is the visual arts contribution to Eltham Arts Wall project. Artist Pragya Kumar invited members of the community to inspire, look and think about the walls that surround them and use art to express how they get effected with the walls around them. About 1000 people from all ages and background participated and presented their expressions. Read more ...


‘Old age' is not a reason not to be an artist. For some people this will be about continuing a lifelong interest in, or even career in the arts; for others older age may represent the first opportunity to develop creative pursuits. Recalling Colours is about the impact that involvement and participation in the arts can bring towards improving wellbeing, physical health and reducing social isolation. If you have a group that would be interested in our creative art sessions, then get in touch with us.


“Thank you for the wonderful exploring identities art workshop. The students had a meaningful interaction with materials that were not only sensory stimulating but fun too.”

Zama Mbatha

Head of PMLD department, Royal Docks Community School

“Thank you for being such a positive activity in our residents lives.”

David Clark

Activity Manager, Sunrise Care Home, Sidcup

“My child did not want to do any art. He is so inspired by your project that he wants to join an art club now!”


Wyborne Primary School, Year 2

“The children really enjoyed learning and making the collages. They looked forward to going out for their art sessions each time and were keen to talk about it in the class. There was a lot of information which was very interesting. The advisers were very well organised and easy to work with. They were lovely with the children and adopted to suit their needs. The children really tried hard to produced careful and impressive work!”

Year 1 teacher
Haimo Primary School

“I love the fact that the children were given the liberty to make their own decisions on what they wanted to create. My kids definately enjoyed the course and I was stunned by the themes they chose to work on.”


Rosetta Ahmed

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