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Pragya Kumar

Artist/Arts Facilitator/Arts Award Advisor  

Director at Artiday Ltd

I was born in India and moved to south-east London thirteen years ago. I am a proud mother of two beautiful boys and in the process of up bringing them, I discovered the creative world of early years. After having worked as an interior designer for twelve years, I decided to shift my focus and trained as an Early Years Teacher. During this training I realized that creativity plays a major role in a child’s development. I have always been passionate about art so I combined my creative skills with my training and started to design and deliver creative projects to primary schools and eventually for all age groups. My future endeavor will be to deliver Arts Award to young people and develop their arts and leadership talents.

My art workshops allow participants to express and experiment with different materials. Children’s brains are full of imagination and materials give them a perfect source for creative learning. For adults, the child within them is lost as they grow into a more organised world. They go through series of experiences and often no longer know how to express their inner selves. This could lead them to stress, anxiety and deprived of inner peace. The process of art making in groups, communities or as individuals helps them to express visually and heal themselves. I believe art has so much to offer and there are people who need it along with a little guidance and a vast platform of open ideas.

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