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School Projects
Prints of heritage

“Prints of heritage” is a reflection of culture through young minds. This was a paper mosaic project with 180 primary school children. Children learnt about mosaic and its variations and how mosaic art links with our culture and heritage. We discussed about using recycled material and talked about carbon footprint. We collected recycled shredded paper and used natural materials such as willow sticks to frame our art work to make our project eco friendly. The project was so popular with the children that they started their own little mosaic projects at home by collecting recycle materials.

Art in care Homes / Craft / Children workshops
Paper craft

Paper has endless creativity. We had had fun doing our paper craft projects together. 

School Projects
Exploring Identities

This project was designed and delivered in a secondary school for 28 children with profound and multiple learning difficulties. In this creative project the children were given the opportunity to develop a set of arts-related experiences in cooperating range of senses. Children made paper mache masks using different materials. We know that visual stimuli, touch and smell are all powerful ways to reach children who face a complex set of communication challenges; hence I incorporated elements such as the use of colour and texture which can produce highly successful ways to learn and have fun, where other more conventional methods might fail.

School Projects
Love and hope

An inclusive project delivered for 450 children from a Church of England primary school designed to reflect their values. Each year group had a theme of materials to decorate small crosses. These were then assembled by me on two 2’x 4’ crosses representing work from each key stages in the school. The experience and feedback of the children were recorded as we progressed in the project which was used to create a collage of the project journey and their learning. The project was so well received that they decided to start a project with foundation stage to make a 3’ x 5’ pebble mosaic cross.

School Projects
Warli art

An project with 60 key stage one children from primary school. The project was designed as a part of curriculum to learn an Indian art form and use the knowledge to create their own expression of that art. I choose Warli art as it is a beautiful folk art from Maharashtra, traditionally created by the tribal women. Warli paintings cover day-to-day activities of the village folks. I like this art form as it is a reflection of our community and surroundings. A beautiful art which is all about self expression and celebrations in life. We discussed about the art, its origin, the specific shapes, medium and what it signifies. The children then came up with their own expressions using the same shapes and medium s and created their own Warli art pieces.

School Projects
Art Decor

These travel posters were made by key stage two children participating for a competition organised by Eltham Palace. I was given two days to prepare ten children to research about art décor and the travel life of Stephen and Virginia Courtauld who lived in Eltham Palace. The children had to reflect this research in their art work and create travel posters. Six of these posters made it to the Eltham Palace exhibition with twenty other posters selected from six participating schools in the area,Description

School Projects
Early Years

Children have an inner world of imagination and arts is the best tool to explore and express this imagination which contributes in understanding of the world around them.n

Art in care Homes / Craft
Expressive Arts

Great art and culture inspires us, brings us together and teaches us about ourselves and the world around us. In short, it makes life better. ‘Old age’ is not a reason not to be an artist.

For some people this can be about continuing a lifelong interest in, or even career in the arts; for others older age may represent the first opportunity to develop creative pursuits. I am interested in exploring about the impact that involvement and participation in the arts can bring towards improving wellbeing, physical health and reducing social isolation.

Art in care Homes
Crafts in dementia

Arts and crafts can have very positive effects on people with dementia. 

German studies show that two hours’ active mental stimulation six days a week slows cognitive decline.

As the creative part of the brain can remain undamaged for years, engaging in arts activity:

Gives life-enhancing new direction for people living at home with dementia, their family and carers.

Brings instant relief from stress and loneliness, elevating mood for as long as a week afterwards.

Maximises cognitive function.

Regains sense of self.

Re-energises through social interaction.

Aids communication with family and friends.

Find more at Arts 4 Dementia 

CPD attended: Early stage Dementia Awareness. 

Craft / Children workshops
Children workshops
Community arts project
Eltham Arts

Eltham Arts is a team of local people who believe that the arts are a great way of bringing the community together and can bring about a little pride through what the area can achieve. Pragya Kumar is an Eltham Arts Trustee and works with the team to deliver creative programs for the community.

This year they are working together to deliver a multimedia arts community project "Wall".

Find out more at 

School Projects / Community arts project / Visual Arts projects
Bricks on the wall

Bricks on the wall is a part of the Wall project where I am exploring the subject through visual arts. The project goes live in Feb 2018 where schools, community groups/organisations and individuals from SE9 area will participate in a series of brick making workshops.

As a part of this project I am inviting members of the community to design their own bricks. These will then become part of our WALL project art installation in the SE9 Container Gallery. You can pick a Bricks on the wall flyer from Eltham or New Eltham library or join in with one of my family drop in workshop !

For more details visit the Brick on the wall project page

Community arts project
Eltham Arts Winter Festival 2016


School Projects / Community arts project / Visual Arts projects
Bricks on the wall - Haimo primary school, Eltham

92 children participated in our community arts project "Bricks on the Wall". 51 children from year one explored collage art form and made their own bricks inspired by Kurt Schwitters work. They worked towards their Arts Award Explore through this project and successfully completed their Arts Award Level - 3 qualification. 

41 children from year 2 made a visit to Eltham Palace to explore the heritage walls and made their bricks inspired by the walls on site. 

They had an exhibition of their artwork in school and the bricks will also become a part of our Wall art installation in SE9 Container gallery in Sept 2018. The school exhibiion was followed by a very successful parents brick making workshop.   

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